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Breaker Panel Service & Repair

Electrician Services in York & Durham Region

If you need breaker panel service and repair in York or Durham region, the professionals with Unibolt Electric are here to help. If your circuit breaker seizes up and overheats, it is no longer protecting the wires connected to a circuit. This is an extremely dangerous problem that can lead to a devastating fire and is an immediate threat to your family.

Call Unibolt Electric at 905-591-8658 to get your electrical problem repaired as quickly (and safely) as possible.

Breaker Panel Services in York & Durham Region

We will not only fix your malfunctioning circuit breaker but also make sure all of your other breakers are working properly. We will tighten any loose connections, add conductive jelly where needed, and check for and stop any corrosion or other damage that may be occurring. By making these improvements, you’ll not only make your home safer but you’ll also help your delicate electronics operate as they should for years to come.

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Image by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu

Upgrading Old Electrical Equipment

If your home is 30-40 years old or older, you should have your electrical system inspected on a regular basis to ensure it is as safe as possible. If you see signs of wear, such as the jacket surrounding any home wiring cables looking like they are drying out, call Unibolt Electric immediately.

Many older homes still have the original metal box that once housed their fuses. In many instances, these fuses have been replaced with circuits spliced into the old box. If you see that your wire connections use ceramic wire nuts, that is a sign this replacement was performed many years ago.

We’ve seen homes with wiring that is at least 100 years old—this is obviously very scary from our perspective and indicates a home that is in dire need of a wiring upgrade and possibly additional electrical repair services.

If your home’s wiring is this old, there are many insurance companies that won’t cover you without a thorough upgrade. Don’t hesitate to call the pros with Unibolt Electric before it’s too late. It is your responsibility to make sure your home’s electrical system is as up to date as possible.

The Dangers of Old Electrical Systems

Your electrical system could be dangerously ready to fail without you even knowing it, because its protective insulation is all but gone. When this happens, the wire can easily cause electrocution or start a fire.

Schedule an upgrade to your home’s electrical wiring before you suffer an outage, a fire, or someone in your home is injured. We will fix whatever problems you are experiencing as quickly as possible, making your home a great deal safer and causing a minimum of disruption to your daily routine.

Call Unibolt Electric at 905-591-8658 for electrical repair services today.

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