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Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan & Chandelier Installation & Repair

At Unibolt Electric, we provide ceiling fan and chandelier installation and repair in York & Durham region that will keep your home cool and looking great.

Contact us today by calling 905-591-8658 to ask any questions you may have or to schedule service for ceiling fan or chandelier installation and repair!

Ceiling Fan & Chandelier Services from Electricians in York & Durham Region

Not only does a ceiling fan provide a low-cost, effective alternative to air conditioning in the summer, it also improves air circulation and uniform heat distribution in the winter. While you could install one yourself, in order to be as safe as possible – and to ensure that your ceiling fan works as it should – you should call a professional to make sure it is installed correctly.

At Unibolt Electric, we will not only make sure your installation is done neatly and safely, but we will also make sure the fan is in perfect balance and there is a minimum of noise and vibration.

Contact us today or call 905-591-8658 to schedule services!

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Using a Professional for Ceiling Fan Installation in York & Durham Region

It is important that you call a technician for your ceiling fan installation since it is hard-wired to your home’s electrical system. If you try to perform this kind of work on your own, or you call an unqualified electrician, it can result in serious damage to your home’s wiring—and that, of course, could lead to a risk of fire. Also, if the ceiling fan installation is not done properly, that could cause a short circuit, where the fan does not work as it should.

A ceiling fan installation is not as easy as you may think. Because a ceiling fan has a motor that, in some models, is quite heavy, you may find it difficult to properly position the fan. If that happens, then it will not work as it is intended to and will very likely be quite noisy.

Thankfully, the trained technicians with Unibolt Electric know how to securely position a fan, and will know that you need the correct size electrical junction box to support it. If you have a ceiling fan with lights, your technician will know how to wire those lights correctly.

Chandelier Installation in York & Durham Region

A new lighting fixture can transform an ordinary room into something spectacular. When you are ready to have a chandelier installed, trust the pros with Unibolt Electric. Whether you want to put a chandelier in a dining room or your study, we have the experience and expertise to make sure the installation is done right the first time.

We can remove your old chandelier, raise or lower any of your existing fixtures, and perform several other types of lighting fixture services. We will make sure your room’s ceiling can properly handle the weight of your new chandelier, and add a brace for a new box should that be necessary.

Give us a call or contact us online at Unibolt Electric for all of your ceiling fan and chandelier installation and repair needs.

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