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Troubleshooting Minor Home Electrical Issues

Electrical Services in York, Durham & the Surrounding Area

The safety and well-being of your family is your top priority, and that of Unibolt Electric as well. We have spent years troubleshooting minor home electrical issues in York and Durham region, fixing them before they become major problems that can endanger everyone inside your home.


At a consultation, our electricians will perform the routine checks and maintenance that will help prevent electrical fires, power outages, and other problems caused by dangerous electrical malfunctions.

Call 905-591-8658 each a professional at Unibolt Electric!

Fixing Exposed or Dried Wiring in York and Durham Region

When the weather gets rough, it can have a serious impact on your home’s outside wiring. Most outside wiring is housed in PVC pipe, which is a good option but can become damaged over time due to weather. When PVC is exposed to the elements, it can become brittle and crack easily. When this happens, the electrical cables inside can be exposed.

We can replace your PVC with a metal conduit to house your outside cables. Since metal never becomes brittle, it will last much longer and make your home that much safer. If you have outside electrical equipment, metal will be a significant upgrade.

Call Unibolt Electric at 905-591-8658 for electrical services! 

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Generator Wiring & Portable Generator Repair

If not used properly, a generator can be a substantial safety hazard. Many models require connecting to the wiring inside of your home; this job requires the expertise of an experienced professional. We have a great deal of experience in wiring home generators and can get the job done efficiently and safely.

We will install a manual transfer switch that will not only protect our workers by preventing the back feed of electricity into our lines, it will also prevent damage to your generator, appliances and home wiring when power is restored after an outage.

You should always make sure you use a portable generator outdoors in order to prevent the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Use it in a dry, well-ventilated area that is located away from your home’s air intakes. Try to use it only in an area that is protected from rain and snow, such as a canopy, carport or open shed.

Chirping Smoke Detector? Here’s a Fix

Most people are well aware that you should change your smoke detector batteries once a year, but do you also know that you should replace not only your smoke detectors but also your carbon monoxide detectors every eight to 10 years? We can quickly and efficiently replace all of your detectors so that you can make sure they are wired correctly and comply with all applicable safety codes.

If your smoke detector makes a “chirping” sound, you’ll probably assume you’ll need a new battery. But that is not always the case. If you continually hear that noisy smoke detector sound even after you switch out the battery, call a technician with Unibolt Electric.

Schedule Electrical Services in York and Durham Region

No matter what type of electric troubleshooting work you need, at Unibolt Electric we will always thoroughly explain all work and give you a detailed estimate before we start any project. As a result, you will be fully informed of the work that needs to be done and you won’t have any surprises.

For all of your home wiring and electrical service needs, count on an electrician at Unibolt Electric! Call 905-591-8658

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