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Electrical Upgrades in York and Durham Region

Enjoy a Home Without Electrical Problems!

Whether the electrical systems in York and Durham home are causing trouble, lagging behind your needs, or simply just not set up the way you want them, out of date electrical systems can cause trouble for any homeowner. Are you looking to improve your electrical access, or is it time for a panel upgrade? The certified local electricians at Unibolt Electric are here to help!

Since 2015, our electricians and product specialists have been helping homeowners in Ontario get the best in leading solutions and top-class service. Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with the best experience possible, and we back up that goal with clear-cut, upfront pricing and our complete lifetime guarantee on the work we perform.

Time to upgrade your home electrical systems in York or Durham area? Contact Unibolt Electric now to get started!

Panel Upgrades & Heavy-Ups

In many ways, you can count your breaker box or electrical panel as the “heartbeat” of your home’s electrical systems. The panel governs how much electricity you have access to safely, and from there it spreads to wires and circuits, and eventually to your outlets and sockets. If the panel is out of date, sized incorrectly for your electrical needs, or is wearing down, then it can lead to a myriad of electrical complications.

Our specialists can help! We can determine your overall electrical access needs and provide a comprehensive upgrade service that allows you to power every appliance, tool, computer, and light fixture in your home as needed.

Not sure if you need a heavy up service? Call on Unibolt Electric and we can help you make the right call! You can also expect to need a service panel upgrade or a fuse box upgrade when:

  • The panel is 20 years old or older

  • You experience frequent breaker trips

  • You have consistent issues with lights flickering

  • When you’re planning a home addition or major appliance upgrade (HVAC, washer/dryer)

Contact Unibolt Electric now to get started!

Additional Electrical Upgrade Services

While a heavy-up is the most widely regarded electrical upgrade service, the pros at Unibolt Electric offer a wide range of additional upgrade service, each meeting a specific need and helping you get the quality electrical usage you want in your home. Additional services include:

  • Outlet installation. Tired of struggling to find a plug for your laptop, hair dryer, or a portable heating unit? Add more outlets! Our experts make the process fast and easy.

  • Home rewiring. Outdated or damaged home wiring is one of the leading causes of house fires. Don’t get stuck with dangerous wiring in your home! Just call our team and we can lay out the best plan of action to get your wiring safe and up to date.

  • Dedicated circuit installation. All major “high draw” appliances should be set on their own dedicated circuit both for safety and for better overall operation and performance.

Contact Unibolt Electric now to get started!

Electrical Upgrades from Unibolt Electric in York and Durham Region

Each member of the Unibolt Electric team is licensed, bonded, and insured. That means we’re your one-stop shop for complete electrical services, and that we will always put your safety, needs, and satisfaction above all else.


Contact our local electricians in York or Durham region for cost-efficient and reliable electrical upgrades now!

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