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Whole-House Surge Protection in York, Durham and Surrounding Area

Whole-Home Surge Protectors

Power surges are something that happen with relative consistency in our modern-day homes. Any time your air conditioner kicks on, or when you power up the dishwasher, a little surge of power shoots through your circuits and systems. Usually, these aren’t a big deal, but it only takes one surge happening at the wrong time to fry a computer or render an appliance useless!

Unibolt Electric provides the ideal protection against damage caused by a power surge: whole-home surge protection. Our local electricians have been serving homeowners in York and surrounding area since 2015. We have the experience and skill needed to provide top-tier protection, helping you save both money and trouble.

Interested in the benefits of whole-home surge protection? Contact us online to find out more, or call 905 591 8658 to speak to an electrician “near me” in York.

Home Safety & Surge Protection Specialists in York & Durham Region

Each home is unique, carrying vastly different wiring, electrical systems, home appliances, and more. That means in order to be properly protected, you need a system that has been chosen according to these needs. Surge protection is not a cookie-cutter sort of situation! That’s why our skilled electricians will assess your home (we even provide electrical safety audits!) and select the ideal setup to meet your needs.

We want your home and valuable appliances to stay safe and in great working order. Connect with us online to schedule a whole-home surge protector installation in York, Durham and surrounding area.

What Are Power Surges & Why Do You Need Whole-Home Protection?

Power surges happen all of the time, and for the most part, are typically a minor occurrence that your home is prepared to deal with. They can happen any time a high-draw appliance is switched on or in use, like when your HVAC system cycles on or when you use a hair dryer. But sometimes these surges can happen at the same time, or a major electrical event (storms, lightning, or problems with your utility company) can spur them into bigger waves. In either of these cases, the surge can knock out appliances, fry wiring, or even lead to a fire.

This is where whole-home protection comes in! A properly integrated system will detect any surges and send the excess power directly to the ground. That way it is dispersed safely, and well away from your sensitive appliances and computers. In addition to stopping major surges, a whole-home system also helps to mitigate even the minor surges, since while they don’t tend to result in the larger complications, they can often lead to excessive component wear that can shorten the life span of appliances significantly.


Whole-Home Surge Protection Services in York, Durham and Surrounding Areas

Whether you’re looking to add years of usable life to your appliances, or you’re looking to avoid the worst-case scenarios that surges can present, Unibolt Electric is ready to provide for your needs. We offer a full range of home protection services and systems, so when you want proper defense against electrical stress, call on us to get quality service, clear-cut by-the-project pricing, and a full-service guarantee.

For surge protection in York, Durham and surrounding area call 905 591 8658!

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