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Electrical Service Panel Upgrades in York, & Durham

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At Unibolt Electric, our electricians upgrade service panels throughout York and Durham regions, and more on a regular basis. If you have an older home (one that is 30 years or older), then you should consider having your electrical panel replaced.

Not only should you consider an upgrade to increase your safety, but also due to the modern electronics you have in your home. Advanced appliances such as air conditioners can demand more power than all the appliances and electronics did in the typical home 30 years ago. Your countertop appliances alone can draw a great deal of power. Many older homes are unable to handle that amount of power—merely adding more receptacles will not increase the available power.

Whether you’re located in York, Durham, or beyond, Unibolt Electric is here to help. Call 905-591-8658 or contact us online to schedule a service panel upgrade.

Signs You May Need an Electrical Service Panel Upgrade

If you notice any of the following warning signs, you should call Unibolt Electric to have your electrical panel replaced.

  • Corrosion or rust is present on the circuit breakers or panel.

  • You are considering a remodel or other type of home upgrade.

  • Your breakers are constantly tripping or your panel has fuses instead of circuit breakers.

  • The panel is full, yet you want to add more circuits.

  • Your existing panel does not conform to the electrical codes of your municipality.

Need a service panel upgrade in York, Durham or beyond? Contact Unibolt Electric today!

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Electrical Service Panel Upgrade Benefits

Upgrading your service panel will increase the capacity of your home’s electrical panel. Advanced models can provide up to 400 amps of power, allowing you to add more circuits if necessary. Not only will an upgrade increase the reliability of your electrical system, but it will also provide peace of mind because it will be much safer.

Contact Unibolt Electric online or call 905-591-8658 to schedule a service panel upgrade in York, Durham, or beyond.

Reasons to Upgrade Your York or Durham Home’s Electrical Panel

The present electrical panel is too small – There is a very good chance that your home still has its original 100-amp service. As previously mentioned, today’s advanced appliances and electronics put extreme demands on a home’s electrical system, and a 100-amp system is, in many cases, insufficient. You may also want to add a room or remodel your kitchen and there is not enough room to add circuits to your present panel.

Your current electrical panel is unsafe – If your circuit breakers are tripping on a regular basis, or you notice things like your lights dimming when you turn on your hair dryer, then your available power is being maxed out. If you have an older home and your panel uses fuses, then you should have them replaced by circuit breakers because fuses are a fire hazard. In fact, many insurance companies will refuse to insure homes that have fuses.

You use tons of power strips and extension cords – If it seems like all of your devices are plugged into power strips or extension cords, that probably means you’re lacking outlets you really need. By upgrading your electrical panel, you eliminate the extra cords and eliminate fire hazards.

Don’t let your electrical panel pose a threat to your family’s safety. To upgrade the electrical panel in your York or Durham region home to one that meets your needs, contact Unibolt Electric or call 905-591-8658 today.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Services in York, and Durham

Unibolt Electric has been a trusted source for residential electric services since 2015. We believe in doing the job right the first time, so we provide a 5-year warranty.

If it’s time to upgrade your home’s electrical panel, contact us or call 905-591-8658 to schedule residential electrical services throughout York and Durham region.

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